The Activ8 Process

As sports performance experts and movement specialists, we pride ourselves on educating our clients and providing them with personalized goal-oriented training.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Specific goals for training are discussed, along with the timeline to reach those goals.

Step 2

Functional Movement Systems (FMS™) Screen & Athletic Performance Assesment

A Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) is used as an assessment tool to identify any inefficiencies and inconsistencies in how the client’s body moves. For example, this assessment identifies limitations in flexibility and asymmetries in muscle group movement. The data is combined with performance testing results and will be used to design the injury prevention portion of the personalized program. The information will also be used in program design to maximize performance results.

Step 3

Goal Setting

The client identifies specific performance objectives and the target date, for which they desire to achieve that goal.

Step 4

Program Development

A personalized training program will be created for new clients that is designed around their specific goals. The format of the specific program will be discussed with the client, so that each client is educated on how they will be progressed through the training program and the milestones they can expect to achieve at each interval. Certain clients may be steered to our group fitness program or a combination of group fitness and one on one training. Where applicable supplementary home exercise or flexibility regimens will be provided to the client to maximize their performance gains.

Step 5


Depending on the intensity and duration of the personalized training program, each client will have periodic consultations with our performance specialists. These meetings will serve as objective measures to ensure that the client is appropriately progressing to their performance goals. Clients will objectively see the performance gains that were made through the training program.

Step 6

Program Progression

Once the client’s goals are reached the client’s program is progressed to achieve new performance goals.

Step 7


Recovery modalities such as passive and active stretch in addition to aquatic training are incorporated into the client’s personalized program.

Our Athletes can expect to develop the following 8 pillars of athleticism











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