NFL Combine

NFL Combine Training

The Activ8 NFL Pro Day and NFL Combine training program is an intensive preparatory training program designed to have athletes reach their performance peak both at the NFL Combine and their respective Pro Days.

Our program has been analyzed and created by our expert team of physicians, exercise and movement specialists, physical therapists, and performance coaches. The long term athletic development regimen ensures maximum safety and a balanced body that is able to produce precise powerful movements. First and foremost, the core of our program is centered around proper anatomical functional movement that ensures optimal performance and correct form while training.

Speed, strength, power, agility, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination are taught in the context of functional movement. These 8 principles build upon the foundation to produce peak performance. The program is 100% customized to the individual. Each NFL prospect will receive one on one attention in a competitive and positive environment, ensuring that they are prepared both mentally and physically for the NFL Combine training and Pro Day evaluation.

NFL Combine Training Program

Prior to training each prospect will be taken through a comprehensive medical assessment and injury screening.

Subsequently, a movement analysis will be performed that will serve as the foundational blueprint for individual training program development.

All athletes will receive professional position specific skills training throughout the program.

Athletes will be continuously measured and reassessed. All collected data will be analyzed and used to further customize each athlete’s program to ensure that performance goals are being met.

Regeneration and Recovery

The Activ8 NFL Pro Day and NFL Combine training program is an intensive preparatory training program designed to have athletes reach their performance peak both at the NFL Combine and their respective Pro Days.

At Activ8 we believe in an integrated, holistic approach to training. We incorporate physical therapy, aquatic training, massage, and yoga into our program.

Each athlete will go through a daily pre-rehabilitation routine. The exact routine will be based on the athletes injury history and the findings on their initial injury screen. Athletes will receive the appropriate physical therapy modalities where needed. One unique feature to our program is aquatic training. We are the only San Diego elite sports performance training center with an indoor, standard size aquatic training center. We use the pool for our recovery and regeneration as well as plyometric training. Aquatic training submerges the body waist deep in water decreasing the impact on the joints by about 50%. Performing plyometrics in the water allows our athletes to work on explosive movements without stressing their joints. Recovery and regeneration sessions in the pool are a vital component to developing flexibility, mobility, and increased range of motion.

Our curriculum is also beneficial to pros seeking NFL off season training, when players need all available resources to recover from an active season and get ready for the next. Our NFL Vet training program has been proven to increase fitness and performance while minimizing the risks of injuries.


A personalized meal plan will be created for each athlete.

Athletes will receive nutritional supplementation pre and post workouts. They will also receive lunch on site. Breakfast and dinner will be the responsibility of each athlete, but each prospect will receive nutritional guidance.

Our Training Facility

Our facility rests on coastal Carlsbad in San Diego.

As a destination location we make sure our athletes have access to the resources they need. Our 20,000 sq ft. facility has certified professional grade field turf, plyometric training systems, resistance and power training equipment, pool, and physical therapy.

Athletes will be housed nearby the facility and be able to enjoy a San Diego lifestyle for the entire training program. This includes free access to multiple beaches, lagoons, hiking trails and limitless outdoor activities.

Our Success

Activ8 has a success rate of greater than 90% of its combine program graduates making it to an active NFL roster.

Activ8 will prepare each athlete for optimal, peak testing performance.

More importantly our training techniques carry over to a successful training camp, pre-season and regular season. Historically we have helped drafted rookies and un-drafted free agents achieve their dream of playing in the NFL.

Historically Activ8 athletes have had on average a 2-5% reduction in times for speed and agility drills and an 18-22% improvement in performance output in combine and pro-day testing.

Our Activ8 athlete program graduates are playing on the following NFL teams:

  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Chicago Bears

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