How to Prepare for Next Season: NFL Offseason Training


The NFL is arguably one of the most physically demanding professional sports. Athletes spend countless hours practicing, developing strength, improving flexibility, healing, recovering, eating clean and sleeping well. NFL offseason training is a necessary component to prepare for the season. But training is such a broad way to describe the way these players prepare. We want to get specific and give you an idea of what it’s like. This blog serves to briefly overview and outline Activ8’s professional athlete training protocol.  

The Importance of Offseason Training: 

Offseason is the perfect time to get your body in shape for next season. Additionally, with adequate time comes the ability to dedicate a serious amount of hours to training. Training goes far beyond lifting weights and running. To give you an idea of what an average week entails, our professional athletes spend close to 20 hours a week “training”. 

To learn more about Offseason Training for Athletic Improvement, Click Here!  

The Preparation Process: Our Plan to help you Improve 

Here at Activ8, our plan is to help maximize your body’s strength potential in order to make you a stronger athlete. In fact, our NFL Offseason Training Process is a four phase process which helps athletes improve their strength, power, and their speed and agility

Flexibility and Mobility

The three target joints we focus to improve one’s flexibility and mobility are your hips, shoulders, and ankles. Take a look at exercises we use to target those areas. 

Hips: Physio Ball Piriformis Stretch                                       

Shoulders: Tall Kneel Band T’s             

Ankles: Heel Walk                                        


Ground reaction time is the primary focus during plyometrics. One’s ability to transfer energy fast off of the ground is a true test of speed and power. You’ll always hear Activ8 coaches refer to this next drill as RNT. RNT stands for Reactive Neuromuscular Training.  Check out this awesome plyometric/RNT drill: Stepper Rapid Response                          

Pillar Core Development 

All athletes, just beginning sport or professional, need to develop what’s considered your pillar core. One key muscle we focus on is the transverse abdominis

It is important to develop your transverse abdominis (TVA) because this muscle stabilizes the pelvis and provides support. According to Jennifer Regan at Bamboo Core Fitness, “[The TVA] defends against repetitive physical stress from various motions your body makes such as twisting, bending, running, squatting, etc.” This is especially important for NFL players, a strong TVA can protect the body from the physical demands of football to prevent injury. 

Favorite Speed Drill  

Not much needs to be said about the importance of speed. However, a better question is how to develop it.  Take a look at our favorite unilateral speed development drill designed for professional athletes: Single Leg Hurdle Hop Continuous                               

Looking for more insight into how we train our pros. Take a look at the link below: 

Activ8 NFL Offseaon Training

Want to become an Activ8 Athlete but don’t live in the greater San Diego area? 

Check out our online training platform below and reach out to us at We’re glad to spend time with you and talk about how we can create a program encompassing everything you need to train like a Pro! 

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