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Performance Health and Fitness Program

Active Adults, this is the program for you.

Our Group Performance Fitness Classes are designed around a performance training curriculum. Our program is designed for adults looking for a challenging, exciting and diversified training program. The Performance Health And Fitness program augments your active lifestyle, focusing on training strategies that not only improve your athletic performance/quality of life, but also reduce your risk of injury.

The program has four main areas of focus: Core, Metabolic, Power, and Functional

All classes are 60 min

Functional Movement

This class is based on improving ones quality of life through movement. It will include linear, lateral, and multi-directional field work designed to develop one’s movement pattern. Multi-joint strength exercises are designed and will challenge our bodies to be more efficient through strengthening of the central nervous system. During this class you will focus on and correct any deficiencies (energy leaks) within your body (system).

Core Strength

Our core consists of our glutes, abdomen, obliques, muscles in the low and mid back as well as muscles of the shoulder girdle. The class will train the core dynamically with a specific emphasis on strength, posture/stability and balance. Since our core is the foundation for our movement it makes sense to train it accordingly. Our core is usually the first set of muscles to fail increasing our risk of back pain and instability throughout the body.

Power Training

Geared toward developing neuromuscular strength as well as hypertrophy of the muscles. This is accomplished through high to moderate work sets, low to moderate repetitions, multi-joint and single-joint lifting of heavy weights. Power development will also be emphasized through the lower body and upper body plyometrics as well as Olympic lifts. The Strength & Power class is a nice compliment for the fitness enthusiast to reach their goals of optimum performance.

Metabolic Endurance

High intensity interval training designed to accelerate fat burn through agility training and muscular endurance resistance training. There will be very little rest during this class, as the heart rate will remain elevated for 60 minutes. During this class you will be challenged both aerobically and anaerobically. Interval training will aid in the burning of fat while muscular endurance is emphasized as you are pushed to your limits. This class will challenge and force you to get out of your comfort zone.

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