Athletic Development


Our competitive curriculum offers a systematic 4 week training cycle that is designed by our expert team of coaches to prepare our youth athletes for competition.

The Competitive Athletic Development Program is similar to our Elite level but will have a greater emphasis in teaching/educating our athletes while reinforcing proper mechanics and corrective movements. Our competitive curriculum addresses injury prevention, running mechanics, balance, coordination, power development, flexibility, speed, and strength. Athletes will be tested quarterly to track progress and quantify improvements.

Our competitive program will be up 4 days of training a week. Monday-Thursday from 5-6 pm. Each day will have a specific focus and training programs will change every 4 weeks.


DAY 1: Monday / Tuesday
DAY 2: Wednesday
DAY 3: Thursday / Friday

Day 1 and 3 focuses on linear, lateral, and mutli-directional movement.
Each day has a specific movement emphasis, followed by strength training which is directly related to that. Our program varies between lower/upper body lifts and conditioning.

Day 2 addresses core strength/stability and energy system development.
The program progresses weekly with changes in intensity, volume, rest time, and type of exercise. Progressions are necessary so we can improve performance and prevent plateaus .

Committing to Activ8’s competitive program, each athlete will master the fundamental movement patterns and develop a strong training base to be prepared for next level training. Furthermore, training at Activ8 prepares and keeps fresh each athlete for their up coming season.

Elite Athletic Development Program

Our goal is for every high school graduate of the elite program to receive a scholarship to play collegiate sports.

The Elite Athletic Development Program is for JC and Collegiate athletes looking to play on the next level.

The Activ8 coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in preparing high school and collegiate athletes for the intensity of collegiate sports while challenging them to continue developing their athletic abilities. Evolving athletic performance starts by assessing each athlete’s strengths and deficiencies.

First, each athlete will be taken through an extensive testing process.

In assessment Phase I, athletes are assessed by using a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screen. This individual assessment tool allows the coaching staff to understand how the athlete’s body functionally moves. From this, we determine which exercises will correct and enhance each athlete’s functional movement.

In assessment Phase II, following the screening, athletic performance assessments are performed.

These tests measure baseline athletic ability. Athletes can expect to be taken through specific speed/agility drills, and upper/lower body power tests. After three months athletes have the opportunity to retest and quantify the improvements.

The Elite curriculum is designed for high school athletes who are committed to fulfilling their dreams of playing at the collegiate levels.

Furthermore, the curriculum is also structured to improve the on-field performance of current collegiate athletes. Giving them the competitive edge.

Our curriculum operates off of a four-day schedule.

Each class is 90 minutes in length consisting of four training segments:

  • Warm-Up
  • Plyometrics & Movement Drills
  • Weight Training
  • Flexibility Cool Down

We operate every class with a specific movement pattern for that day. Each day has one specific theme, either linear, lateral, or multi-directional movement. Notably, classes are taught by the same coaching staff who train our Professional and NFL Combine athletes.

The collegiate and advanced high school student can expect to develop the following 8 pillars of athleticism:


















Monday/Tuesday: Day 1
Wednesday: Day 2 (recovery/regeneration)
Thursday/Friday: Day 3

Wednesday is our recovery/regeneration day.

During this class athletes will be exposed to different recovery training techniques. Athletes will also have aquatic training sessions working on plyometrics, range of motion, mobility, and flexibility. This day is vital for injury prevention. Submerging ourselves waist high in water reduces our body weight by half. In doing so we take the stress of gravity off of our joints; allowing our body to move almost stress free. In the water athletes get a chance to improve their plyometric power and explosiveness without the stress on their muscles, joints, and ligaments. We’ve experienced great success with this regeneration day with our professional athletes and summer training programs.

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