8 Essential Superfoods for Athletes in Training


There’s no doubt about it. Athletes train hard and their bodies need the right nutrition so that they can recover faster, build new muscles and be ready to perform. Many people go overboard and meticulously plan their diets and eating schedules thinking this will help them reach the best results.

This totally isn’t necessary! Understanding the basics of healthy nutrition can help you create the ultimate diet plan. Forget the supplements and the protein powders and instead be sure to include these superfoods in your diet. Not only will you see better results, but your tastebuds will thank you too!

1) Avocados

This is an easy one. Avocados are just bursting with fat. But the good kind! They are filled with a range of vitamins and the perfect way to creaminess in the place of butter or other oils. And, of course, they taste amazing!

2) Flax Seeds

Flax seeds have been around the human diet for nearly 6,000 years and contain the most lignans out of any other food on the planet. Lignans are a major source of antioxidants and help promote a huge range of benefits to your body!

3) Lentils

Finding healthy sources of protein can be difficult. These days, many health experts advise limiting meat consumption for a range of reasons. Lentils are packed with a huge amount of protein and fiber so they are the perfect post-workout meal.

4) Oatmeal

Did you know that you can live almost entirely off a diet of just oatmeal, milk and potatoes? It wouldn’t be the most exciting, but oatmeal has nearly everything you need to live including something very rarely found it any other food, molybdenum. Molybdenum is an essential amino acid crucial for keeping you healthy whether you are training or not!

5) Quinoa

These days, people are going quinoa crazy. It’s odd that is has become such a phenomenon now because it has been a staple of the human diet for such a long time. The reason for its renaissance is because it is another example of ancient grain that is not only delicious but also contains a huge amount of the proteins and vitamins you need to reach your peak.

6) Cherries

Not all fruit is created the same. Cherries have been proven to be a key to recovery. High-intensity athletes such as runners and weight lifters have seen significant performance increases and reduced levels of pain from drinking tart cherry juice. Keep things as fresh as possible and away from imitation sugary drinks and you’ll be amazed with the results.

7) Kale

Green, leafy vegetables. As an athlete, this should be your mantra. And king of them all is kale. Kale is packed with magnesium, calcium, vitamins, and other benefits that keep your bones healthy and your immune system strong!

8) Sweet Potatoes

If you have a sweet tooth, but want to keep things healthy then satisfy your cravings with a sweet potato. Like our other mentions on this list, they are packed with a huge range of the things you need from high levels of Vitamin A to potassium and iron. They also can lower blood pressure and help you recover from stress both on and off the field.

Why They Are Super Foods

There is a reason why they are called superfoods— because they are extremely healthy and delicious. So if you are looking for the best results from your workout regimen, then be sure to add these to your diet. With a healthy mix of these, you’ll be able to perform longer, recover faster and stay in the game no matter what!

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