What Should a Strength Training Curriculum Include?


A strength training curriculum is a personal exercise plan for building body strength, and speed, and power. A complementary purpose could be improving muscle mass and hence physique. The curriculum should reflect the client’s personal profile in terms of age, gender, body type, and fitness level. Hence, their athletic personal assessment must include a comprehensive evaluation prior to embarking on the strength training workout program.

Core Focuses of a Strength Training Curriculum

Client-centered physical training builds on the client’s personal goals, within the overall objectives of injury prevention while improving functional movement, and muscle power. The client may wish to:

  • Increase the quality of their athletic performance in a particular sport
  • Rehabilitate an injury or address some or other disadvantage
  • Contribute to their overall state of mental and bodily health
  • Improve their overall fitness abilities
  • Follow advice from a medical practitioner after a health examination
  • Simply enjoy the pleasure of taking exercise by following a regular routine

Key Components of the Activ8 Strength Training Curriculum

Our athlete personal assessment program includes a thorough physical appraisal, followed by thoughtful discussion of the client’s personal goals. We deliver diversified, exciting, and challenging programs directed at building muscle, tendon, bone, and ligament strength. The outcomes are greater physical strength and smoother functional movement. However, we never overreach a client’s capacity per our commitment to Injury prevention at all times.

Our strength-training curriculum reflects our belief that functional resilience and functional movement go together. Hence, an athlete’s personal assessment guides them through a series of starter exercises to improve strength and endurance. This also helps them identify ways they may be unintentionally sapping energy from their system.

Phase two of our strength-training plan is more movement directed. We go on to non-weight-assisted exercises that explore the shoulder girdle, and the muscles in the lower and middle back. These routines focus on restoring posture strength and balance. This is so important given the positive power we have added to the functional movement range.

Next, we introduce power training to develop muscle strength further. We work throughout the lower and upper body using a combination of repetitive multi-joint lifts, and heavier, single lifting exercises. During this phase, we guide the client constantly to help avoid the possibility of them overdoing things.

Finally, we move on to high-intensity metabolic interval training where we burn fat with intensive exercise and increase muscular endurance to levels you may have thought impossible to achieve. Your evolving athlete personal assessment challenges you to new heights of anaerobic and aerobic achievement. You realize you are achieving your goal.

Why You Really Do Need Activ8 to Achieve This Goal

In theory, you do not need us. That is, provided you are incredibly goal-directed, and exceptionally persistent. In practice, exercising alone is often an unrewarding task. Why not let our well-founded program add value to your strength training curriculum?

We will be there for you when you feel down and dispirited. We will challenge you to fresh heights of personal achievement as you reach each new exciting phase. Activ8 invites you to train with us on your journey to better health. Are you ready to start looking and feeling better, while exercising with like-minded new friends?

Activ8 Athleticism knows how to take care of your fitness needs.

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