NFL Combine Training: 5 Strength Endurance Workouts for Athletes


NFL Style Strength Endurance Workouts

NFL players are some of the most highly trained, in-shape athletes in the entire world. To be able to keep up that level of play is something that most people simply could not do and the NFL scouting combine is the mother of them all. It’s like the SAT for the NFL. We have for you some of the NFL combine style strength endurance workouts so that you will be able to rush any passer or just get into the best shape of your life.


1) Upper Body Strength: Dumbbell Incline Row

If you want to make those tackles, you are going to need some serious back strength. This is a simple and only requires a bench, some dumbells, and an incline. With a neutral grip, grab the weights and pull up with a brief pause then return. Go for three sets of ten reps.


2) Lower Body: Endurance

So can you do the 40-yard dash in a just over four seconds? What makes the NFL so unique is that it requires both long-time endurance as wells as short bursts of rapid speed. Squats are the jack of all trade for strength endurance workouts, but nothing beats the speed box squat. You’re not here to max out. Instead go somewhere between 50-70% your limit. Quickness is key and you are going to do 12 sets of 2 reps in 45 seconds.


3) Upper Body: Dynamic

Get ready for supersets because this is the day where you really push it to the limit. The idea is not a set amount of reps, but just to go into failure. You might think the fairly standard wide-grip dumbbell press is your friend, but you have to be able to crunch in as many as possible within just thirty seconds.


4) Lower Body Strength

You have to be able to pull an ox cart if you really want to succeed in the combine! How about something without any weight at all? The seated band hamstring curl seems very easy on the surface. There are no weights. Instead just bend your knees and contract slowly. Gravity will do the work for. You’ll be doing three sets of twenty reps.


5) Flexibility

Keeping limber is key and more and more athletes are recognizing the impact of dynamic stretching on their workouts. For a good warm-up do a lunge with a twist. The lunge gets the legs while the twist stretches your back and hamstrings.

On the back end make sure you cool down with a solid combination of dynamic and static stretches. After all this work, it is easy to be tempted to skip the cooldown, but if you want to increase your fitness performance, then take the five minutes to properly end your workout!


Get in Fantastic Shape

These days, it’s no secret how to really get into the best shape. All you have to do is learn from the best and remember about your recovery after the NFL Combine training.  and with these top five NFL combine strength endurance workouts, you’ll be on your way to achieving all of your fitness goals.


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