Sore Muscle Relief: 5 Stretches You Can Do To Get Back On Your Game Faster


We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s the day after a particularly intense training session, or you’re recovering from injury, but sore muscles can slow you down or stop you entirely. Everybody knows that stretching is essential whether you are a long distance runner, basketball player or just trying to get in shape. No matter what your fitness goals are, flexibility is the key to achieving them. That’s why our experts have chosen these five essential sore muscle relief stretches that will have you feeling better in no time at all.


1. The Nice and Simple Back Stretch

For a stretch to be active in sore muscle relief, it doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. An excellent one for you to try is a “standing cat-camel” stretch. It’s an easy and useful way to remove tension throughout your entire body.

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent knees. Lean forward with your hands placed just above the knees. Curve your back, so your chest is close and shoulders rounded forward. Then go in the opposite direction opening your chest and rolling your shoulders back. Repeat a few times back and forth.

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2. Get Dynamic: Forward Lunges with Arm Circles

Most athletes already know dynamic is the name of the game when it comes to performance. These stretches hit both your upper and lower body and a great warm-up before high-intensity activity. They’re also great exercises for sore muscle relief, or whenever you’re getting ready to get your muscles going.

Begin with a slow walk, performing your lunges at a slow, controlled paced. As you alternate legs, perform slow clockwise circles beginning with small ones that gradually grow larger. After you travel 7-8 yards, then switch to continue your lunges counter-clockwise. If you are easily tired or need more balance, this exercise can also be performed without the arm circles. 


3. Deep Lunge with Hip Lift and Upper Body Rotation

First, you’ll begin with the “Spiderman lunge,” but then you’ll add a lift and rotation which gets your upper body in the game as well. This is an essential stretch for muscle pain relief.

Starting from a push-up position bring your right knee into the outside of your right elbow then put your foot on the ground while you extend your left leg behind you. From here push your posterior towards the ceiling in a hip lift movement than take your right hand from the ground and slowly rotate until it is full above you with your eyes following your hand. Then switch sides doing three sets of six to eight reps.


4. Standing Adductor Stretch

If you are looking for a deep leg stretch for effective sore muscle relief, then this is the perfect option for you. With your legs apart, bend your left knee and lean left being sure to keep your back straight along with the right leg. Hold this for five to seconds before repeating five times. Change sides. It’s all about pushing your legs and feeling the deep stretch.

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5. Standing Quad Stretch

This a classic one, but underappreciated. Unless you have the right balance, you want to stand with one arm supported on a chair or the wall. Pull one foot behind the buttocks keep the knees close together. You can even try to bend forward pulling your leg farther back to get a deeper stretch.


Sore Muscle Relief in 5 Easy Stretches

That’s it. With these five easy stretches, you’ll be able to relieve sore muscles after a workout so you can recover quicker and be ready to get back out there. For serious athletes or those looking to reach a new fitness level, nothing beats a little expert advice from private sports coaching to help you genuinely maximize the efficacy of your entire workout process. From athletic coaching to personal training, we now offer online training so you can be anywhere and get the best guidance available from one of our experts. So contact us today and see how one of our professionals can help you reach your fitness goals.  

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