Professional Football Players Off Season Training


Off season training may very well be the most import phase of an athlete’s career. Why is that? Because during this time, a player or an athlete becomes prepared.

Off Season Training – The Process

Let’s take a look at the off season training phases of football – there are four.

Phase one begins two weeks after the end of the season, and lasts until February. During this period, strength, endurance, and power are tested. Weight lifting is a big part of the training routine, as is squatting and aerobic conditioning.

Phase two lasts until April, and incorporates the same elements of phase one; yet, players will be lifting more weights, but decreasing reps. They can add weight, increase sets, and focus on strength gains. Keep in mind, spring season will be approaching soon, so they need to get ready, or else! During this time, they are lifting four days a week, and keep Wednesdays open for team drills.

In phase three, the fun will begin – it’s officially spring football season. Full pads and equipment will be used during this time, which will last roughly four to five weeks. Of course, training is not paused, as it is imperative to avoid breaking down muscles.

Once spring season ends, there are a few months before the full football season begins. During this phase – phase four -off season training is back to lifting weights, at maximum amount. The bulk of the time will be spent on preparing: lifting, running, and mixing in skill development.

In all aspects of life, preparation is key. However, preparing for the real season during off season training is not only necessary, but crucial. In order to avoid getting hurt during the real game, pros need make sure their body is ready, but also their mind!

Even more so, these “practicing” phases can ultimately help improve an athlete’s performance. During these phases, players get the chance to take a look back at their weaknesses throughout the previous season – what they did wrong (i.e. what they can improve on). Players can also perfect their teamwork skills during this process, as it’s good quality teamwork that helps win games.

Practice Makes Perfect

The actual games may be where the real excitement is at, but the process of off season training is where real athletes are created. While many people are born with certain athletic skills, it’s extremely important to condition those skills, or perfect them. Believe it or not, an athlete can’t just be born; he or she needs to practice, because practice makes perfect.

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