5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Performance Training Gear


Great equipment produces the best results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior golfer looking to break eighty or an all-conference tailback trying to impress at the combine. To be at your best, you need the right performance training equipment.

There’s no substitute for hard work, but you can certainly improve your results by choosing the right tools. These five tips will give you what you need to improve performance and hit your goals.

Choosing the Best Performance Training Equipment

There are many things to consider when choosing performance training equipment. Do your research. Make sure to seek the advice of a trainer at the best performance training center in your area. That being said, the ultimate decision will be yours to make. Keep these five things in mind and you will experience great results and hit goals you never dreamed were possible.

1 Quality Matters

It’s easy to be fooled by cool colors and sleek textures. While it’s nice to have equipment that looks nice, make sure the materials, design, and assembly are up to the task at hand. This equipment is supposed to push you to your limits, so it better be built to last.

2 Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Performance training is extremely focused. Sometimes you measure your gains in centimeters and milliseconds. To achieve the best results, your performance training equipment needs to be attacking the right areas. Research the equipment you’re considering to see if it’s used by the top performance coaches in your sport and if it’s recommended for the skill you are hoping to build. Otherwise, all that hard work might go to waste.

3 Versatility Keeps It Interesting and Stretches Your Budget

Even the most dedicated athlete becomes bored after completing the same exercise over and over again. Look for equipment with more than one use to keep your workout fresh and your training more enjoyable. Versatile performance tools, like this adjustable fielding trainer from SKLZ, have a variety of settings to challenge you in different ways without leaving the same skill family. Having one training aid that does multiple things well is a definite cost saving when it comes time to outfit your performance camp.

4 Adjustable Equipment Lets You Grow

If you’re doing things right, your needs are going to change. Choose performance training equipment that lets you continue to challenge yourself as you grow faster, stronger, and agiler. The best equipment, like this feature packed weighted vest made by SKLZ, anticipates change and incorporates adjustable sizing and weight capacity to keep pace with your improvements.

5 Choose Compatibility with Your Fitness/Performance Level

Be honest with yourself. It’s normal to want to go from zero to sixty but performance is about slowly climbing the ladder. Sometimes literally. That hot new suspension trainer may promise huge results but if you lack the core strength to perform even the basic exercises with proper technique, you can end up demotivated and even injured. Be realistic and choose equipment which fits your current physical state while leaving you plenty of room to grow. Your results will be better and your body will thank you.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Seeing results through performance training takes time and effort. With the proper mindset and the best performance training equipment, you’ll get there. And, you’ll never look back.

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