4 Ways to Use Performance Training Equipment for a Water Polo Player


Water polo began as a team sport in mid-19th-century England and Scotland, mainly as a feature-spectacle at county fairs and festivals. Its rules were similar to those used in rugby football, except the water version took place in lakes and rivers as opposed to chasing a rubber ball around a field.
This article reviews some of the performance training equipment used in what has evolved into a highly competitive sport. Water polo features in the Summer Olympics program, as it has done since the second games, in 1900. Women’s water polo first featured at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Rules of Engagement

Same as any other sport, the impeccable technique does not come any easier with water polo; it comes from practice and determination, one of the most important aspects of playing water polo.
Arguably, the best way for a player to improve performance is by practicing with water polo target practice equipment. This type of equipment does not require two people to be present like actual passing and shooting does, so a player can practice solo.

Analyzing Water Polo Performance Training Equipment

An amazing array of performance training equipment is available for the budding water polo player. Functional training is also the best method for water polo players. Join us as we look at some of the techniques, equipment, and tips available to the water enthusiast:

Row Machine

A rowing machine allows an athlete to build aerobic performance which is important to the serious water polo player. Row machines are recommended to water polo players especially because they should be participating in pulling exercises. These help them prevent injuries while also working out the right muscles for the water. Looking at a guide to the rowing machine will help you train like a professional athlete.

Hip Rotation

This is a vital consideration in water polo strategy in terms of performance training equipment. Real propulsion comes from the hips, which makes different gym exercises ideal for a water polo player. Create different internal hip rotation movements in order to activate the muscles around them. Test your hip rotation by laying on your stomach. Bend your knees and allow your legs flop out to the side. Athletes should have an angle of about 45 degrees.

Deadlifts and leg training

Remembering to work out your legs is vital for any water polo athlete. Having strong arms is important, but so is leg strength. Strong legs will allow for a quicker return during your match. Exercises like deadlifts are perfect for helping your muscle density expand from your legs all the way up to your torso and upper limbs.

Resistance Bands and Cords

Resistance workouts make a vital contribution to swim performance training equipment. Cords can help workout many different muscles including biceps, shoulders, abs, and even quads. They are ideal for out of the water training.

Performance Training Equipment for all Athletes

These are some ‘tools of the trade’ designed to give water polo players and swimmers alike that extra advantage while training for competition.
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