Top Performance Fitness for Athletes: Building Functional Strength


Building muscle mass and toning your physique is great, but life isn’t just about looking good. The real purpose of working out is building endurance, getting stronger and being able to tackle whatever challenges life throws your way. For this reason, functional training has rapidly grown in popularity later. By combining strength training and performance fitness for athletes, you can achieve results that help you look great and increase your overall athletic capability. Here are some of the top workouts you need to be sure to start incorporating into your regimen.


1. Target Groups

Most workouts and exercise machines tend to focus on isolating specific muscles (and sometimes groups). The problem is that every time we do anything from lifting a glass of water to trying to push a stalled vehicle, you are not using one, but many muscles. Smart training is all about achieving the right balance so that you are not over or under working any specific muscle.


2. Hypertrophy

Muscles respond differently to different types of muscle training. Hypotrophy is a way to stimulate muscle growth through the cells that make up the tissue around it. If you are looking for those big, bulging muscles, then you’re in luck. At times, pushing yourself to the limit assists in increasing muscle size, which is an essential component of performance fitness for athletes.

What you are looking for here is those low rep, high weight workouts that make you push each set to test the limits of your strength.


3. Endurance

If you are a traditional lifter, then the last tip was something already well within your bag. However, hypertrophy needs to be paired with endurance training, or you won’t see the real benefits of it. In order to stimulate hypertrophy, you need to mix up your low rep, high weights set with medium weight, high rep sets that test how long you can hold out until muscle. This is doubly true for cardiovascular fitness. You need to spend a few days a week hit the Versaclimber, elliptical, and the swimming pool. Mix in some games of pickup basketball or soccer, and you’ll be doing great.


4. Range of Motion

Stretching is essential as an athlete as it helps provide better flexibility and motion. Because of this, you should never underestimate the importance of stretching. It should be no surprise that yoga is now an extremely popular activity for people and it’s because it is a fantastic way to improve your flexibility. When you are challenging your body with intense muscle workout, it causes a lot of tightness. Yoga is not only a good workout that challenges you and your central nervous system, it also helps loosen up knots and tension so you’ll be ready to push it even harder the next time you hit the weight bench.


5. Rest

You have to take a break in order to maximize your athletic recovery. For some people, this might be difficult because working out is such a great stress release and endurance builder. Rest doesn’t mean that you spend the day sitting on your couch watching TV. There are plenty of different things you can do, be sure you are giving a break to those muscles you exercise the most. A walk in the woods, a bike or even a relaxing swim is an excellent way to give your muscles a break. Remember, on these days it’s about listening to your body and not pushing yourself if your muscles are tired.


Performance Fitness for Strength and Physique

Functional strength training is the perfect workout plan. It gives you the abilities of performance fitness for athletes with the strength of a lumberjack so be sure to follow these great ideas, and you’ll be achieving the results you want in no time at all!

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