Overuse Injury Prevention is Mind over Matter


Overuse Injury Prevention Tips and Explanations

We ought to use common sense by observing practical safety precautions when participating in sporting events. This is true whether we engage professionally or for enjoyment. When you are in the middle of the action out in the ‘war zone’, anything can happen in the heat of the moment. Rational thinking gives way to impulse. Perhaps it is a ball hurtling your way. Maybe you over-stretch as you leap to save the situation. Crunch! Down to earth you go and it is game over. You have just become another overuse injury statistic from over-exertion.

Overuse Injuries

We tend to associate sports injuries with compromised bone and tendon issues. In non-contact sports, most injuries creep up on us. The result is stress that builds over weeks or even months, and it can result in a whole heap of trouble. Here are some typical examples:

The above scenarios affect most athletes over time. Doctors describe them as “overuse injuries”, or injuries that occur from issues other than working out too long. For example, uneven running surfaces, worn footwear, and even individual body quirks can add to the problem.

Seven Tips for Preventing Overuse Injuries

Add these suggestions to your training regime and maximize injury prevention:

  1. Warm up before stretching
  2. Gradually increase workouts
  3. Avoid pushing the pain barrier
  4. Choose soft over flat surfaces
  5. Limit your running to 45 miles a week
  6. Switch between easy and hard training days
  7. Change running shoes regularly (maximum distance 500 miles)

Stress fractures are 10 times more common in women than in men due to vitamin deficiency issues. Avoiding pushing muscle, tendon, and bone up to, and beyond the limit is probably stating the obvious.

Can Stretching Routines Lower the Risk of Overuse Injury?

Most athletic performance involves stretch routines before and after working out. This is because stretching helps to increase the full range of motion as you prepare for the real action, but don’t take it for a sufficient practice to prevent getting hurt. Warding off injuries boils down to applying common sense and knowing your thresholds and limits. Exercises that tone and strengthen your muscles will ultimately prove more effective than stretch routines only.

Injury Prevention is Part of Core Strength Training

Overuse injury can happen when you try to take on too much physical activity too quickly. Understand how to pace yourself while getting fit. Certain medical conditions can make a person more prone to overuse injury. Age also plays an important role, as the risk of overuse injury is higher as you get older.
Modifying your core strength training routine goes hand in hand with understanding and accepting the impact aging has on your body. Life is all about choices, and this applies to how you go about your exercise routines. Be sensible, listen to your body and be smart with your workout intensity, because if you choose not to, it could mean the end of your athletic performance!

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