Training 101: 5 Online Training Benefits for a Busy College Athlete


Finding the ideal personal trainer who fits your criteria and is knowledgeable of your specialized sport can be challenging. When you’re only considering trainers that are local to you, you are really limiting yourself. It’s more than likely that you won’t find a trainer that ticks all the boxes. The internet has changed the game for personal training. You can search for a personal trainer that is based anywhere and will improve your performance while also maximizing your fitness efficiently. There are many online training benefits which make online training services so appealing.     


The Cost of Online Training

One of the most important online training benefits is its affordability. The price tag attached to in-person training can be hefty, especially if you want to train a few days a week. Online personal trainers charge a lot less. Sometimes even a 4-week course of online training can cost less than an hour of in-person training. If you want endurance training to maximize your athletic potential, you will most likely want to sign up for a 24-week program. With roughly $50 per hour for a one-to-one gym session, if you want to train 4 times a week, you’re looking at paying $4,800 which is quite excessive for a student. Finding an online deal will work a lot better with a student budget. 


Flexibility that Fits your Busy Schedule

Another one of the online training benefits that are crucial for a college student is the ability to create your own training plan. An online training program can coordinate with a class schedule. There’s never the need to cancel or turn up late as you can exercise when it suits you.


Online training benefits: Access to highly qualified experts

Online training allows access to fitness experts that specialize in a particular field. The highly qualified trainers may typically be out of reach or difficult to train with due to location. Finding a trainer online allows you to connect with an expert you want rather than a trainer that is convenient for you. Don’t limit yourself and hire an online personal trainer.


Training Online with Proven Results

Online personal trainers market their services by displaying how effective their training is. They share positive testimonials and training reviews from their current and past customers. With the knowledge that an online trainer can produce good results means that you know your time will not be wasted. If you sign up a local gym trainer, you may not know their expertise and ability. If you have a time frame, spending weeks with a trainer that isn’t getting you the right results is not ideal. An online personal trainer’s proven results mean that you know that you are getting your money’s worth.


Online Training Communication

The communication between yourself and a personal trainer at the gym is limited. You’ll most likely only communicate during your training session but when the hour’s up, they move on to their next client. An online personal trainer means that you will have support whenever you need it. They can provide advice and tips to help maximize your athletic recovery.  You can send an email or a message on Skype at any time of the day and the trainer will reply to you as soon as they can. An online personal trainer will provide equal attention to all their clients and will routinely check for any messages. 


If you want to improve your endurance and fitness so you can maximize your potential in sports, it may be time to look further than your local trainers. The online training benefits are significant, especially for students. You can plan your training around your studies so neither your lessons or training need to suffer. Also, the price is more appealing compared to your local gym trainer, so your student budget will also be thankful. Contact Activ8 for personalized training and nutrition plans!


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