NFL Speed Training Drills for Speed and Agility


It seems like every year at the NFL Combine, a player sets a new record for the 40-yard dash. In the NFL, you have many good reasons why you need to be able to run fast. In addition to strength endurance workouts speed training assists in making you a better athlete. Whether you are being chased down by a linebacker or you are that linebacker, speed counts almost more than anything else. So if you are an aspiring running back or just looking to increase your agility, then check out some of these fundamental NFL speed training drills we have personally selected for you.

1) High Knees

We are going to start with a classic. Every football movie features a scene where the team is doing high knees. The reason they are so useful is that they help lengthen your stride. With your elbows at 90-degree angle, keep your palms open and facing each other. Quickly drive your right leg up to meet your right hand, then once you bring down that same leg, immediately bring your left leg up to meet your left hand. As you continue to alternate, remember to stay at the balls of your feet the entire time. Your goal is to increase the number of reps you can get into just a 20-second window over time. Just remember to keep your abdominal muscles engaged in order to get the most out of this exercise.

2) Suicide Shuttle Run

Are you getting any memories from high school gym class or one of the sports teams you played? You know the drill! This exercise works best on a basketball court or even a football field if you have the right lines in place. Start small and quickly go back and forth between the lines. With each workout, you should be expanding the distance until you are covering at least fifty yards of back and forth fun.

3) Agility Ladder

NFL speed training is all about explosive drills! But, don’t try this with a real ladder! Speed ladder drills will make your body move faster. Set your chalk lines or lay down a speed ladder in a nice, open area. At the end of each side set up a pair of cones to mark your finish line. Now the goal is for you to go back and forth between each step sometimes backpedaling sometimes moving laterally, but whatever you do, keep the pattern in. It’s all about fast feet and coordination!

4) Boxing

You might not want to do all your training out on the field. Whether you choose to duke it out with a training partner or shadow box yourself, boxing is a fun endurance workout. You are working on speed, hand-eye coordination, and endurance. It’s everything you need to boost your agility while also seeing if you can weather some resistance against you!

5) The Long Sprint

Your muscles primarily work at two different functions: the short, explosive burst, and also the long endurance game. The long sprint challenges you to your limits as you increasingly lengthen the distance of your race even getting up to between fifty and eighty-yard distances. If you run sprint intervals, it’s even better. These NFL speed training sprints will develop the core muscles in your legs and get your ready to not just burst out of the gate, but even accelerate your pace!

Get Ready For Some Fun

Keep in mind that these exercises are meant to increase your fitness performance. Unlike other agility exercises, NFL speed training drills are not only great workouts but also fun. You can imagine yourself playing in a stadium in front of thousands, and you run a ball down the fifty-yard line. And who knows, maybe if you are successful enough with these five workouts, you just might be able to do that!

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