The Ultimate NFL Draft Training Plan to Increase Perseverance


Football is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Even at the lower levels, it requires an incredible amount of durability, strength, flexibility, and stamina to succeed in. Many football players today aren’t getting the most out of their training, despite following the advice of their trainers. For players looking to prepare for the combine and enter the draft, training needs to prepare them mentally as well. Let’s take a look at what an NFL draft training program looks like for a player who wants to take their perseverance and physical fitness to the next level.


Weight Training

Every player needs to lift weights. Heavy lifting will keep you strong and assist in building muscle stamina, allowing you to play for longer with less chance of injury. Not all lifts are created equal, however. Isolated lifts like dumbbell curls aren’t going to help a whole lot. You’ll want to hit mostly compound lifts, for power. You’ll also need to draw up a good leg workout circuit to ensure you’ve got your legs in top shape.

It’s important to note that while the basic fundamentals of an NFL combine training program are going to be the same for every player, they will vary in specific ways depending on what position you play. For instance, wide receivers will be focusing more on speed, and lineman more on strength, but both positions need to have a little of everything as well.



Cardio is a must in an intense sport like Football. For football, you’ll want to focus less on long slow runs, and more on high-intensity short bursts. This kind of cardio mimics the actual play of the game itself and is great if you want to increase stamina. Make sure to warm up properly with a jog and some dynamic stretching before moving into a sprint workout that gradually builds in intensity.

The last sprint you do should be the shortest and most intense, aim for 90-100% of your maximum speed.  These sprints are a mental test as well and will help to build your perseverance if you can stick to them.



When it comes to NFL draft training, even the biggest players on the field need to be agile. The right kind of workout will get your heart rate up as well as improve your ability to be quick and nimble. Plyometrics is one of the best ways to get your agility up.

This is basically a system of jumps and hops with various different techniques and demands. The jumping action will improve your explosiveness, speed, and strength on the field, as well as build your perseverance. It’s for these reasons that it is highly recommended that you master box jumps and other plyometrics when training.


Preparing Yourself

NFL draft training is tough, and you need a plan that will not only build your physical fitness but also your mental strength and perseverance. To do this you’ll need to incorporate weight training, cardio training, and agility work if you want to succeed. By making sure you have all these boxes checked off, you’ll be able to properly prepare yourself to crush the NFL combine and enter the NFL draft with high hopes.

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