Recovery After the NFL Combine Training


‘Recovery’ describes the actions and processes of returning to a normal and healthy condition. With NFL combine training in vogue, talented college football players are busy preparing for fame. Athletes are out in numbers at many facilities around the country in an effort to raise their test performances, as they aim to impress NFL coaches and scouts. Not surprising really, because the rewards of recognition and drafting are tantalizing indeed.


Recovery Methods Used After NFL Combine Training

There are some well-known and proven methods of NFL training recovery available. These include electrical stimulation, massage, ice baths, proper nutrition, and sleep programs to name but a few. This article aims to examine some of the lesser-known recovery strategies.


Try Ozone Therapy

Frequently used in Europe, it has caught on in North America. Specifically, Ozone therapy uses medical grade ozone, which is purified oxygen. Treatment increases oxygen availability to the body. The theory is that this form of NFL combine training therapy improves muscle and wound recovery. It also assists the immune system and improves the body’s ability to increase antioxidant capabilities.


Cupping Techniques

A legacy from the past, cupping involves placing individual vacuum cups on the body’s surface. Suction then creates a significant increase in blood flow to a particular area to assist recovery. Timing dictates that the cups remain in place on the body for up to 10 minutes. This practice supports massage therapy and has been said to have many benefits for athletes.


The Vasopneumatic Approach

This device causes specific pulsing compressions to limbs to help increase circulation to targeted areas. Usually used on arms, legs, shoulders, and hips, they help speed muscle recovery. Definitely advantageous with regard to NFL combine training issues.



Many people agree that the benefits of acupuncture therapy for athletes is a safe and effective way to help with recovery. This ancient and trusted technique makes use of solid filiform needles to treat various forms of soft tissue ailments. On occasion, needles connect to an electrical stimulation device while in the patient’s body. This further increases energy flow to the area and is beneficial with NFL combine training in mind.


The Whole Body Cryotherapy Approach

Very effective, in that the whole body from the neck down gets exposed to extremely cold temperatures – as low as minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for example. This differs from cold tub immersion therapy. This exposure to extreme cold causes severe vasoconstriction followed by rapid vasodilation, which promotes increased blood flow.


Underwater Treatments after NFL Combine Training

Underwater treadmill technology offers just one type of state-of-art aquatic therapy benefits. Here, the athlete receives the benefits of warm water to improve circulation and reduce the load on the muscles and joints. This, while moving on a treadmill and engaging the neuromuscular system. This helps relieve pain and assist mobility post-NFL combine training.


Altitude Tents

To be more precise, an altitude simulation oxygen tent set up around the athlete’s bed in the post-NFL combine training period assists recovery. The theory is that restricting oxygen (O 2) inside the tent during treatment causes the body to produce more red corpuscles that convey oxygen around the body. This assists along the lines of high-altitude training techniques.


Creating Awareness for NFL Combine Training

Plan carefully and remain alert with your post-NFL combine training program in mind. This will help get you to the next level in terms of your NFL aspirations, while also helping you increase fitness performance!

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