4 Ways to Take Your Softball Pitching to the Next Level


Best Techniques to Improve Softball Pitching

Nothing beats that feeling of adrenaline that comes with standing on a dirt mound and getting ready to face the batter. It’s an incredible mixture of isolation, exhilaration, and pride. Whether you feel that your softball pitching has plateaued or you want to improve your game by taking it to the next level, these expert tips will help you enhance your skills so you can be ready to take on the batter, anytime, anywhere.


1. The Ball and Glove

The majority of softball leagues require the pitcher to bring the ball and glove together for at least one second before they pitch. This is not going to help your game necessarily, but instead, embrace this as part of the rhythm.

A solid flow is what creates a great pitcher. The ideal position is to bring the glove and ball together in front of yourself near your waist. This position allows you to keep your arm in a natural manner that allows you to conserve energy before your wind-up.


2. The Release

We get so worked up and focused on position and motion that by the time we get to the release we are almost happy to see the ball go. It is indeed the most challenging part of the swing because even small variations can cause significant changes in where the ball goes.

When it comes to softball pitching, you want to make sure that as your arm goes through the final rotations. Make sure your wrist is back, so you can have a full snap before you throw the ball. As a reminder, keep the rest of your body still especially your head as you do this. Not only will this improve your accuracy, but also reduce the risk of injury. Conducting the right bicep workouts can also help with your arm strength.


3. Follow-through

Okay, the ball is gone so what does it matter anymore? Again this going relate back to rhythm. You don’t need to have perfect form and technique, but you need to be consistent. You need to allow your arms to follow through on the movement to prevent injury to your shoulders or elbows.

A lot of players find that their follow-through typically extends the shoulder height with their arms bending at the elbow. While this is a pretty good position, it’s not necessary for everyone, so find what works best for you and your softball pitching style.


4. Don’t Over-drill

To become better at pitching it is strongly recommended that you participate in drills. Talk to your coach or trainer; they will have a variety of different drills you can do, both alone or with a partner. There are a lot of great exercises that, with practice, increase your athleticism. On the other hand, like with every other sport/exercise, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Too many drills can lead to body fatigue or pain. If you are doing drills, remember that your body also needs rest.


For the Love of Softball Pitching

The best athletes not only compete to win but also because they love the game. When you get out on the mound whether it’s in practice on the world championships, remember at the end of the day who you are doing this for— yourself. With this attitude and these great techniques, you’ll be on your way to being a master of softball pitching.  

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