Most Neglected Muscles In Workouts


Most people’s goal is for total fitness. They want to be healthy so that they can play sports, climb mountains or simply have enough energy for their daily lives. Unfortunately, many workouts are missing the critical muscles or areas that you need to strengthen in order to get you in the best shape possible. This short guide will explain the most neglected muscles in workouts and some of the quick exercises you can do to get them into prime shape.


The old joke is that, “Somebody looks like they skipped leg day”. Even if you hit the weights and do some running, people often leave out key legs muscles. Most overlooked are the calves; the key to making you jump higher and run faster. Best of all, working them out is simple. If you do not have a dedicated machine in your gym, simple grab a pair weights and start doing some calf raises.


Most arm workouts you do may exercise the forearms, some secondarily. But take the time to do a few dedicated moves. It will help you lift more and get better definition. You don’t want tiny forearms and massive biceps, right? One great workout is to grab a lighter pair of weights and simple move them in your hands in a clockwise motion, followed by counterclockwise.


Everybody wants a six pack. Most people spend so much time doing crunches and sit-ups accepting immediate results, but they seem to overlook a key factor. Your obliques hold everything together. Simple add some turns into your crunches or a few twists and you can get them looking tight in no time.

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Quads and Hamstrings

Sorry, but we are back to legs. Again these are key if you want to have a balanced physique. Not only this, but if you want to increase your squat weight or anything for that matter than you need strong quads. These muscles are essential for your balance and will not only help you when trying to do leg workouts, but will also improve your general fitness.

Upper Back

This might seem surprising as many people want to have the strong looking back, but not too many people spend enough time working it out. Our 21st century lifestyle of texting and typing is awful for our neck along with the entire upper back region. You can strengthen this area and help reduce soreness by hitting the seated cable row. Start with a light weight to stretch yourself a little, then see what you can do!

5 Muscles in Under 5 Minutes

You don’t have to work these groups out every day. Just try to add exercises that hit one or two of these target areas into each of your workouts and you will be amazed with the results. You will reduce soreness, increase your energy and be able to generally improve your form. So get out there and start seeing the results you want!

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