How to Supercharge Before Your Long Distance Running Session


Long distance running is a unique sport that requires the least variety of skills of almost any sport in the world. The entire sport is just putting one foot in front of the other.

But, because it’s such a simple thing to do, the opportunities for improvements in those very basic movement patterns are astronomical. It can come down to a game of inches in terms of your body posture and pacing.

Long distance running is also a mentally challenging endeavor that requires some real fortitude in order to be able to complete a full race. Especially if you find yourself training for a marathon in the San Diego area such as the 2018 Holiday Bowl 5k, the Xterra Mission Gorge Trail Run 2019, the Parks Fit 5k Finale Race, or the Xterra Black Mountain Trail Run 2019.

In order to help prep you as best we can for your next marathon, we’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind when training for your next big race.


1. Do a Proper Warm Up Before Your Running Workouts

Warming up correctly is essential to preventing injury, especially in repetitive motion sports like long distance running, sprint training, marathons, cross country running, or any kind of running workouts.

Walk around for 5 full minutes, slowly increasing your speed until you reach a jog near the end of the 5 minutes. This gives your muscles time to warm up and get the blood flowing through them. Nothing spells injury like a cold muscle performing near max capacity.

long distance running

2. Get the Right Shoes

As you’ll likely be running 5-40 miles at a time during your run, you want to make sure your shoes can handle that. Getting a blister on your foot will be the end of your long distance running for at least a few days, and unbalanced shoes can cause muscular imbalance, ligament tears, or joint injuries before you know it.

If you want to be able to continue with your metabolic training or hit a leg workout circuit every now and then, it’s crucial that you wear the right shoes to prevent injury.


3. Meditate

Many people consider running their form of meditation, but if you aren’t actively staying in the present moment during your run, your mind can run away from you. Thoughts of quitting come much more easily when you let your mind think about anything it wants to.

Practice letting your thoughts come and go, always bringing your focus back to your breath and the present moment. You can do this while running or sitting still, but it’s much easier when sitting still.

By training yourself to let go of your thoughts as quickly as they pop into your mind, you will be able to go much longer without quitting. Remember, this is mostly a mental game.

long distance running

Challenging Yourself 

Long distance running is a grueling sport that requires you to have proper form, perfectly calibrated shoes, and a strong mindset. By making sure you warm up correctly in the right shoes, you will be able to train much longer and harder for your next 5k. And by meditating, you will train your mind to push longer, even when you want to quit. Don’t forget that the working with the right sports fitness trainer can get you on the right path to success. If you require that extra push, Activ8 Training Facility can get you there. 


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