The Lower Body: Ultimate Leg Workout Circuit


Leg Workout Circuit Exercise

Whether you are a budding track star or just want to get into better shape hitting the legs hard will help you get into shape. That’s right. No excuse to skip leg day after you see the results of this leg workout circuit.


1. You Hit the Weights For Your Arms So….

Just a general guideline, you want to make sure you are incorporating free weights into your routine. Anything from dumbbells to the TRX suspension trainers will help in strength training. Using free weights allows for a more comprehensive training effect on your muscles. Not only will you be able to target more muscles, you will also be focused on building whole-body strength. There are many other ways to complete a workout and functional training is just one of the ways to incorporate free weights.

2. The Backside

Building the posterior chain is essential, especially for athletes in training. This includes the hips, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings and so on. Surprisingly, your quads are not as important to developing lower body strength and agility as this set so be sure to focus on the posterior chain and then work the quads. Make sure you include some exercises to work out these muscles during your leg workout circuit.


3. Different Kinds of Strength

If you really want to have the ultimate leg workout circuit then you need to really push your muscles in different kinds of ways. When we are training, there are three different aspects that you need to think about: total, repetitive, and speed strength. Think about how you can conduct some strength endurance workouts when you train. Remember to use high weight, low reps for total strength and the opposite for speed strength as an example.


4. Some Good Workout Examples

Now that you know the core principles behind a leg workout circuit, it’s time to actually do some workouts! Here are some of our favorites to improve leg strength and power that will target your hamstrings, quadriceps, and more:

  • Romanian Deadlift- This exercise is a little tricky, especially when you don’t have the proper form. With your palms facing down, hold a barbell at hip level. Your shoulders should be back with your knees slightly bent. This will be your starting position. Lower the bar by moving your butt as far back as possible. Your head should be looking forward. If you do this correctly your barbell should go just below the knee. Return to your starting position by driving your hips forward and standing tall.
  • Reverse Lunge- You don’t necessarily need weights for these, but you do need to make sure you are getting the motion correct. Good form is essential and makes sure the knee doesn’t go too far over the feet. All you have to do is step back, drop down, rise, and switch legs. That’s it!
  • Goblet Squat- This is a fairly simple exercise. For a starting position hold a kettlebell by the handle close to your chest. Squat down slowly between your legs until you feel your hamstrings on your calves. While doing so also make sure to keep your chest/head up, with your back straight. Once you are in this position use your elbows to push your knees out. Slowly and carefully return to your starting position.


Finishing the Ultimate Leg Workout

With our fantastic leg workout circuit, you will never want to skip leg day again. Your legs will look great and you’ll be ready for any game of pickup basketball or maybe even to compete in a 10 KM race. Good luck!

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