Better Safe than Sorry: How to Prevent Sports Injuries


Injuries seem to go with the territory when it comes to the practice of any sport but they can be avoided with simple basic steps. The first step is being physically and mentally prepared; being reasonable and using common sense also go a long way. Here is what you can do to prevent sport injuries as opposed to recover from them.

Being prepared as well as eating the right food to have energy to burn and staying hydrated are the true basic rules of sports, no matter the discipline, the age and level.

How to Prevent Sport Injuries

Learn the rules of the sports and of the equipment necessary for the practice of this sport. As with many things in life there is the right way of doing things and the wrong way, rules are meant to be followed for your safety as for the one of others.

Wear the proper gear is as important as using the right equipment. Sports outfits are not for show, although they are usually colorful and even flashy, they have been created by and for professionals. The protective gears are specially designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

The 4 steps of safe and efficient training are: warm-up, train, recover, rest, in that order. Each step is as important as the other in order to prevent sports injuries. Skipping one single step can land you in trouble that could have been easily avoided. Stretching before and after each session is equally important.

Listen to the 2 voices of reason, your body and your coach. Your body will tell you if you are tired, in pain and need to slow down. Your coach will be watching you and see the signs and adjust your schedule to your shape, make sure you have followed all the above mentioned steps, not only for your safety but for your performance.

Injury Prevention is Everyone’s Business

When it comes to preventing sports injuries, the basic safety principles and rules apply to everyone, even more so to young athletes. We have learned about the concerns of the football community regarding head injuries; being prepared, playing fair and wearing the right equipment are the best safeguards against regrettable traumatisms.

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