How to Build a Solid Foundation in Young Athletes


We believe it is essential to build strong athletic foundations within young athletes. In fact, this is what sets us apart from other youth athletic training centers. The knowledge we impart in our young athlete development program puts the mechanics in place for better and more effective jumping, running and lifting. However, we do not stop there; this is only the beginning.

Flexibility and Mobility in Young Athletes

Long-term athletic health and success in competitions depends on fluidity of movement to reduce sports injuries, sprains and broken bones. We introduce young athletes to proper techniques and movements that they will use when building greater muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility. They’ll develop a greater sense of spatial movement and positional awareness that will help better control their bodies while in action. Then with these cornerstones in place they can aspire to greater things.

According to Bill Harman –

  • Mobility is the range of motion under specific circumstances (specific)
  • Flexibility is the range of motion about a joint (non-specific)

Within these definitions, mobility pertains to a certain movement (e.g., hip mobility to squat or lunge). Flexibility is more non-specific, as in one’s available range when reaching down to touch one’s toes.

We build and develop core strength and stability in conjunction with flexibility and mobility to help protect young athletes from injury. Understanding the mechanics of fitness is vital for building a strong athletic foundation both physically and mentally.

Building Foundations for Competition

Our mission is to keep athletes moving forward and reaching for the next level. Our competitive curriculum offers a systematic approach to proper athletic mechanics and corrective movements. Growth and development will be tracked, tested, and quantified for each young athlete. They will learn aspects of injury prevention, effective running mechanics, balance coordination, power development, flexibility, speed, and strength.

As developing athletes priming themselves for competition, they can expect to focus on linear, lateral, and multi-direction movement as well as the importance of core strength/stability and energy system development.

We Set the Bar High for Young Athletes

We base our program on eight pillars of athletic prowess. First, we install strength, power, speed, and endurance. Then we blend in balance, flexibility, reaction, and efficiency to release a young athlete’s full potential.

Our goal at Activ8 Athleticism is for every high school graduate of the elite program to receive a scholarship offer to play collegiate sports. We believe in proper preparation and continued development and improvement.

Learn more about our Elite Program Curriculum.


Activ8 Athleticism knows how to take care of your fitness needs.

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