HIIT Training: Developing Core, Power, Functional Strength and Energy Systems


HIIT training has many benefits. It is a very powerful way to train that can take you to the highest levels, whether you just started training or are a seasoned athlete. That said, just because everybody can experience the benefits of HIIT, doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It is a complete and powerful training program that impacts your overall health, along with building strength and endurance.

What Is Exactly HIIT Training?

As the names states, it involves exercises of high intensity and intervals.
Certain exercises are designed to improve your anaerobic capacity, others are designed to build The ratio exercise/recovery is usually 1:1. Recovery can be rest or a slower workout.
The exercise itself can last from 5 seconds to 8 minutes.
Because you challenge your body and muscles, you stimulate both the energy systems and core muscles to keep balance and proper form. It’s “everyone on deck” to support you through the session. And because your core is more engaged (depending on the types of exercise), your functional strength improves consequently.

What Are the Known Benefits of HIIT Training?

Developing core, power, functional strength and energy systems are amongst the main HIIT benefits. Other benefits include:

Burning more calories

The burst of intense activity will help you burn more calories, no matter how long the rep is, and you also burn more fat.
You keep burning calories even after your workout session. This is going to be explained in medical terminology. Bust basically, EPOC (Exercise post exercise consumption) or how the body returns to homeostasis after you exercise is what allows you to keep burning calories for about 24 hours after your training session has ended.

Improve aerobic capacity

In turn this capacity will allow you to train longer, train with higher intensity, therefore taking your cardiorespiratory function to a higher level. This is particularly helpful to develop endurance.

You do not need any equipment

You can alternate walking and running for instance, do burpees, jumping jacks,… If you feel the workout is not challenging, make sure you are using proper form, use a full range of motion or increase the intensity.

Better, faster results

Results come from commitment. Because you are not “suffering” through 45 minutes of continuous cardio workout, you are more likely to enjoy it more, therefore being committed to it.

Boost metabolism

HIIT generates a bigger oxygen consumption which can increase post exercise metabolism.

Depending on your age and physical condition, you can alternate moderate intensity and high intensity, giving your body enough time to recover.If you have been sedentary for a while, if you smoke or used to smoke, do not start an HIIT training program by yourself. Instead, trust a professional fitness trainer to help you build yourself up, safely.

Activ8 Athleticism focuses on optimal athletic performance achieved through understanding, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns.

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