7 Gymnastic Exercises for Core Strength


When it comes to building core strength we already have everything we need on board our bodies. So for now, please put your gym machines, and weights to one side. Today, we follow in the tradition of Ancient Greek gymnastic exercises and functional training. In those days, they believed athletic prowess was at the core of admirable, capable, disciplined, and well-educated people. This is at the heart of what Activ8 believes too.

How the Tradition of Gymnastic Exercises Lives in the Olympics

All Olympic athletes use regular exercises for core strength. We provide the same opportunities at Activ8 Athleticism in San Diego, California. Read on to discover our Top Favorite 7 core exercises.
Did you know that gymnasts are among the strongest people around? While they may not look like they are living on steroids, they are incredibly supple and fit. They have the special blend of balance, brawn, power, stability, and stamina that is only possible by taking regular gymnastic exercises.

The Best 7 Exercises for Core Strength

1.  Hollow Body Position Pull Ups: These gymnastic exercises enhance functional movement and stability, by maintaining a convex position to concentrate your mind on pulling and lowering. You engage your hamstrings and glutes, as you force your lats and abs to work together.
2. Hollow Body Holds and Rocks: Brace your abdominal muscles while you create total body tension. This prepares you for energy transfer from your upper to your lower body for jumping and sprinting with more power.
3. L-Seats Mastering Torsos: Challenge your six-pack muscles to new heights, as you hold the position with parallel bars and rings. Give your triceps, lats, and hip flexors a workout. Dare to hold the position for a half minute.
4. Planche Pushups to New Extremes: Planche push up exercises involve shifting forward as you lower your body down. This hardens your shoulders and wrists while working delts and pecs harder.
5. The Super Challenging Split: If you have not been exercising regularly, be careful with this one. You want to supercharge your hip flexors and hamstrings not strain them. Persistence rewards with additional core strength.
6. Handstands Against a Wall: You may have loved these as a kid, but they require loads of practice now that you have a heavier adult body. They are arguably the most important exercise for core strength.
7. Front and Back Scale: These gymnastic exercises are a little less strenuous than full splits. Regular exercising builds up your hamstring flexibility, hip mobility, single-leg strength, and essential balance.

More Core Strength Exercises at Activ8

Building core strength is essential for any form of a competitive sport because it gives us a distinct advantage over others who lack this knowledge that dates back thousands of years.

Working with a team of dedicated professionals makes it easier to remain focused on building core strengths, through gymnastic exercises in the ways we outlined. If you need special assistance from experts who know, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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