The Fundamentals of Functional Movement


You may have heard this fitness buzzword being thrown around a lot, but what exactly is functional movement? It’s somewhat related to cross-training and works to balance your body’s natural movement patterns against your usual repetitive workout movement. A functional movement screen is designed to help and correct one’s functional limitations and asymmetries in order to promote the most effective and painless biomechanical movements for your body.

What is Functional Movement

They are based on real-world situational biomechanics and involve multi-planar, multi-joint operations that focus on the body’s core muscle systems. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a set of 7 fundamental movement patterns that are evaluated in order to identify possible movement limitations and left/right asymmetrical imbalances. It works to prevent future injuries by providing a sound foundation of movement and is often referenced as “pre-hab” or pre-habilitation.

How it Helps

Functional movement focuses on whole-body stability and is essential to achieving optimized athletic performance and preventing injuries that result from isolated muscle mass and unfocused raw power. It can help you pinpoint weaknesses and potential injuries and works to adjust and balance certain aspects of your current training program.

How to Apply it to Your Workout

The FM assessment is clear and easy to learn and is effective in evaluating and establishing your basic movement abilities baseline. From there you can apply general corrective exercises to fix your specific deficiencies.

The strategy should be applied in conjunction to your normal workout routine and is designed to balance your regular range of repetitive movements. Functional movement exercises do not serve as a substitute for your regular workout, they help enhance your overall athletic performance and is a form of injury prevention. By establishing a strong foundation of functional movement, athletes can better and more safely build their technical skills. Progress in increasing one’s range of functional movement assures dynamic performance and multi-planar fluidity in regard to speed, precision, and power while maintaining optimal anatomic alignment.

Activ8 Athleticism focuses on optimal athletic performance achieved through understanding, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns.

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