5 Best Foods for Endurance Athletes a la Mama


Our bodies are powerhouses of energy, producing and consuming 100 watts even at rest. That’s enough to drive our hearts, lungs, and digestion even while we sleep. Extreme Tech thinks hard-core athletes sprint at 300 to 400 watts. An athlete’s performance at this level will soon exhaust their recommended calorie intake of 2,000 a day. They need supplements in food, not chemicals. So what are the 5 best foods for endurance athletes while testing the outer limits of their capacity?

The Best Foods for Endurance Athletes are What Mothers Taught Us

Our mothers did their best to feed us the healthiest food. They may not have realized it, but they had a mission to rear our young bodies for optimum performance health and fitness. Naturally, we rebelled after we left home. It’s what teens and young adults do. Even young adult lions leave the pride to hunt down the gazelle they fancy.

Just for fun, I am going to present you with the best foods for endurance athletes to eat at breakfast, lunch, and supper, a la mama mode. Please bear with me. I consulted the top dieticians and you know mother was right.

My 5 Best Foods for Endurance Athletes a la Mama

    1. Breakfast like an emperor on oatmeal porridge, made fresh and pleasantly warm. Oatmeal is rich in carbs and has a low glycemic index meaning it digests easily, absorbs and metabolizes better, and helps keep glucose levels healthy. Oatmeal is also rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamin B. I can say with confidence that oatmeal is best for athletes at breakfast time.
    2. But hold it there kiddo. Stay where you are in the starter blocks and return the ball to the ball kid. What did mother use to pour over your rich creamy oatmeal? You got it, milk in all its fresh creamy best! You can stash your soya, abandon your almond, and resist your rice milk for now. Cow’s milk is the number one medicine for recovering from yesterday’s over-exercising. And it comes preloaded with proteins and carbohydrates to assist muscle recovery.
    3. Luncheon like a king on wild salmon and you can pleasure it with roast sweet potatoes. The fish will give you a shot of omega 3 that lubes those swollen and tender joints you overstressed. Did I mention fish was the most popular protein in ancient Greece at Olympic games (although the wealthier athletes did perv over their fresh meat)? The roast sweet potato will help remove free radicals with its vitamins A and C and pour in loads of copper and manganese healthy muscles love.
    4. Nibble on supper like a pauper. The evening is the time when we slow down and adjust to our biological body clock that is gently preparing us for a good night’s sleep. In recognition thereof, we are going to snack on walnuts rich in anti-inflammatories, bananas to ease our digestion as it prepares for the night, and fresh, red tomatoes that are low in calories but rich in vitamin B for runners.

So that’s all, you say. We heard you say 5 best foods for endurance athletes but you only delivered four paragraphs. Well, okay, I’ll relent. Your nightcap is going to be fresh made green tea. This is not just because the stuff helps mice run longer. It goes down a treat with a bowl of red cherries great for muscle recovery too.

I hope you enjoyed my mama’s diet using some of the best foods for endurance athletes in terms of muscle health, strength and endurance. Here’s to healthy eating and more power to your elbows and ankles so you sleep well at night.

Eat better – Perform better

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