5 Essential Exercises to Increase Athleticism that You Need to Start Now


You want to be fast, strong, and you want to have endurance. Now here is the question: how do you achieve all these goals? Don’t worry. You don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym to achieve your fitness goals. You can do a simple leg workout circuit or use the exercises below that are meant to challenge you. Just add some of these essential exercises to increase athleticism in your routine and, before you know it, you’ll turn into the best version of yourself!


1. Jump Lunges

When it comes to exercises to increase athleticism, your focus should be on explosiveness. You may be familiar with lunges, however doing these can often bring your leg muscles to a plateau. Jump lunges are meant to be an alternative that will make your legs burn. This exercise challenges your balance and speed, while also increasing your heart rate. The increased level of exertion is why this exercise is a key component of performance fitness for athletes.

Begin in a split squat position with the knees close to or touching the ground. Jump up quickly and switch legs so that they are once again still in lunge position but on opposite sides. Do this as fast as you can.


2. The Push-up

Forget about the dumbbells and barbells for a few minutes and start thinking about going back to the basics. This one should be simple; it’s a useful movement that continues to be used by fitness professionals all around. All you need to do is find flat ground. Begin by laying flat with your palms face down. Push against the ground while slowly lifting your body. You need to ensure that your back is straight and that your core is engaged while doing so. This exercise helps not only to build muscle but also to strengthen the core, which is needed to conduct other activities properly.


3. Single-arm Overhead Pass

Notice any patterns? These workouts often focus on one arm or leg because these movements mimic everyday life closely. You’re going to go real old school with this classic technique. This is similar to a standard overhead press and will work your shoulders and triceps.

Starting at the height of your shoulders grab a dumbbell and ready your core. Press the straight dumbbell overhead and through the ear, keeping your torso and the rest of you entirely in line. Lower gradually and repeat. Do three sets of 8-10 for both arms.


4. Step Ups

Step ups are a great exercise that requires very little equipment while also helping you build core strength and strong legs. It’s also an excellent workout that helps with cardio. To make the movement more challenging, you can add either weight or height to the box. All you need is a sturdy box or elevated surface. Make sure your core is tight, and your shoulders are pulled back. Set one leg on the surface and then the other, making sure the feet are flat. Step back down with the same leg you started and then repeat with the other.


5. Pullovers

This is another old-school classic that has somehow gotten forgotten over time. The pullover works your entire upper body from your pecs and lats down to your triceps. Grab a medium weight and lie down on a workout bench (you can also use a bar or a kettlebell).

Begin with the weight above your chest with straight or slightly bent elbows. Gradually reach behind your head until your arms become parallel to the floor then raise back up to start. Aim for 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps.


Thinking Outside the Box

It’s easy to get stuck in the same workout routine where you ultimately just hit a plateau and don’t see the results you are looking for. That’s why you need to add some of these tried and true exercises to increase athleticism. These techniques will help push you to the next level so that you can get the speed, strength, endurance, and physique you are looking for!

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