5 Common Sports Injuries that Can Be Avoided


There’s nothing worse than a sports injury. Injuries sideline you for weeks, possibly even months and prevent you from participating in something you love. What most people don’t realize, however, is those common sports injuries are easily preventable. Here is the list of the most frequently occurring injuries that you can ensure they don’t happen to you.


1. Concussions

Concussions are dangerous injuries that can affect brain function.  This head injury results in many terrible symptoms from nausea, vision problems, loss of balance, amnesia and more. It’s important to note that concussions do not necessarily result in losing consciousness and happen not just in contact sports like football and hockey, but even things like gymnastics and skiing.

For concussions, the best thing to do is retain from participating in contact sports, but that’s not always realistic. More importantly, you need to prevent concussions by wearing the right gear, visiting your doctor, and having plenty of rest. Depending on the severity of your injury, it may take a few weeks before your back on the field, but give it time. After a full recovery, it might be a good idea to visit an athletic performance center, like Activ8, to ensure that you’re in the right condition before playing again.


2. Pulling a Muscle

This is one of the most common sports injuries. It happens when people fail to have a good warm-up, aren’t flexible or may be suffering from muscle weaknesses. In many sports, hamstrings are the most common pulled muscles.

To prevent them, it’s essential that you have a good warm-up and stretch before heading out onto the field. If you do sustain an injury, proceed with the RICE protocol and ease into your next athletic session until you are fully healed.


3. Sprained Ankle

Nearly every athlete has suffered from one of these. Any sport that requires running, jumping, and turning can cause a sprained ankle at some point or another. Again, prevention is the best medicine, and you can prevent a sprained ankle by strengthening your ankles through single leg exercises as well as taping them up before a match. If an injury occurs, you don’t want to over-rest the area. Instead, you want to ensure the area continues to receive blood circulation through light activity.


4. Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries occur in almost every sport from swimming to baseball to volleyball and more. They can happen due to overuse of the rotator cuff causing strain on the tendons and muscles. Again, you can prevent these before the season starts by hitting the gym and doing some athletic workout routines to strengthen the shoulder girdle.

common sports injuries


5. Runner’s Knee

Nearly 60% of all sports injuries fall under the fairly broad category of “runner’s knee,” which can range from problems across your cartilage and ligaments. They can happen in nearly any sport and cause pain that limits your performance.

There are many steps you can take to prevent it. It’s important to begin by choosing softer surfaces like an indoor track instead of pavement to run-on. Ensure you have proper rest days and strengthen your muscles above and below the knee. Also, be sure to always warm-up properly.


Avoiding the Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports injury prevention is something that all serious athletes must consider. It’s just part of the game. But if you follow a solid regimen of exercise, stretching and rest, and following the right regimen for sore muscle relief, you can work to prevent them and reduce recovery time ensuring you get back on the field and back in the game in no time at all.

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