Choosing a Performance Training Center for a Young Athlete


When it comes to ensuring that young athletes get the best training in their chosen sport, parents need to choose a training center that will not only build a solid foundation and improve their performance, but is also beneficial to their mental and physical well-being.

Here are 5 factors that parents should consider when choosing training centers to nurture and improve their young athletes’ sports performance:

1. Start With Proximity

It should be said that while proximity to your home shouldn’t be a determining factor for choosing your training center, it is a good starting point. Begin your search by looking for programs that are in or close to your area, and then work your way up. Don’t just choose the one nearest to you out of convenience; it may end up being the wrong fit for your child.

2. Research The Programs Carefully and Personally

Once you’ve marked the programs down, visit all of them in person. Online research can only get you so far. Set a day aside during the week to visit the facilities and take the time to learn everything you can about the programs. Going on the weekends isn’t ideal, because you may not be able to see the curriculums in action.

3. Ask Questions. Lots of Them

Depending on the sport your child plays, make a list of questions that you’ll pose to trainers and coaches who’ll be in charge of the training. Here is a list of some concerns that you should seek to satisfy:

  • Class/program timings and duration of the programs;
  • Program fees and compensation conditions;
  • Coach qualifications and accreditations; each sport has its own coach accreditations and qualification requirements. Research these qualifications, and ensure that coaches fulfill the minimum requirements for training young athletes.
  • Equipment safety and upgrades;
  • Emergency and first-aid competency in the center

4. Get Opinions

One of the advantages of visiting during a weekday is that you will be able to meet other parents: an excellent opportunity for more research through word-of-mouth. Ask them their opinions on the center’s reputation, staff and effectiveness of the program. Parents’ opinions can be a wealth of information when it comes to getting an honest review of the program.

5. Make Your Own Observations

Rely on your own intuition; it can serve you surprisingly well when it comes to choosing the right fit for your child. Observe the sessions while they are in action and make your own observations on the program:

  • Is the space clean, well-lit and spacious? Does the training space seem adequate enough for everyone using it?
  • What is the trainer-to-athlete ratio? Each athlete needs individual attention during training; are the trainers able to take enough time on focus on individual training?
  • What is the general atmosphere during the session? Do the children/athletes look happy or stressed?

Making the Final Decision

If you have taken all the above into account, then the final decision shouldn’t be hard to make. If you can find one in close proximity that fits most of your primary conditions, such as coach qualification, training efficiency, equipment safety and emergency procedures, you can count yourself lucky. But, don’t ever sacrifice the quality and effectiveness of the center for their distance to your locality.

Our vision is for our beginner athletes to master the basic athletic movement patterns so we can develop a solid foundation for each individual.

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