Become The Next Gretzky: Improve Power on Your Shot

An average NHL slap shot is around 80-90mph. The hardest slap shot clocked in at 108.8 mph by Zdeno Chára of the Boston Bruins in the 2012 NHL Skills Competition. To put that into perspective, [...]

Could Rookie Jose Urquidy Become the 4th Starter in the Astros Playoff Run?

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Best Exercises to Help Target Athleticism for Volleyball Players

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Tennis players shouldn’t be lifting weights, right?

You’ve hit a plateau in your game. Powers not quite where you want it and your speeds stagnant. More practice may help a little but how do you see significant developments in these areas you ask? [...]

Managing Psychological Effects on Injured Athletes

This article targets young collegiate and advanced high school students who may one day face the psychological effects on injured athletes. An ineffective rehabilitation program can have a [...]