Increase Bounce For Basketball Players

With the NBA and high school basketball in full swing, let’s talk about how to increase your vertical jump for basketball. When looking at the vertical jump for basketball there are a bunch of [...]

How to Best Recover After an Injury

The Importance of Recovery It can be hard for any athlete to get back into training after an injury, especially if it is a major injury such as an ACL. However, it’s important for every athlete [...]

How to Prepare for Next Season: NFL Offseason Training

The NFL is arguably one of the most physically demanding professional sports. Athletes spend countless hours practicing, developing strength, improving flexibility, healing, recovering, eating [...]

Cheer training for increased performance

Why should I train for cheerleading? Isn’t that only for football players? If you play a sport, you should be training. The practice involved in your sport is only specific to your sport. Yes, [...]

Dust off your Clubs: Best Golf Exercises and Stretches

In case no one informed you yet, let me be the first to let you know Summer is here. Time to get the clubs out of the garage, start putting in the living room and emulate some of golf’s [...]

5 Tips to Train Like a College Basketball Player

For basketball fanatics, there is a time of year that is important, March Madness. During this time fans are busy in the discussion about buzzer beaters, bubble teams, and brackets. March Madness [...]

Sore Muscle Relief: 5 Stretches You Can Do To Get Back On Your Game Faster

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s the day after a particularly intense training session, or you’re recovering from injury, but sore muscles can slow you down or stop you entirely. Everybody knows [...]

5 Athletic Workout Routines that Amplify Your Endurance

Think about every professional sport. What do they all come down to? It’s the final few minutes of the game that really matters. It’s the ability to push yourself and hang in the game to block [...]

5 Cross Country Workouts to Increase Endurance

For cross country athletes, nothing is more important than endurance. It doesn’t matter if you have all the speed in the world, because if you can’t make it last, then it means nothing. Whether [...]

The Lower Body: Ultimate Leg Workout Circuit

Leg Workout Circuit Exercise Whether you are a budding track star or just want to get into better shape hitting the legs hard will help you get into shape. That’s right. No excuse to skip leg day [...]

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