4 Ways to Use Performance Training Equipment for a Water Polo Player

Water polo began as a team sport in mid-19th-century England and Scotland, mainly as a feature-spectacle at county fairs and festivals. Its rules were similar to those used in rugby football, [...]

NFL Combine Training: 5 Strength Endurance Workouts for Athletes

NFL Style Strength Endurance Workouts NFL players are some of the most highly trained, in-shape athletes in the entire world. To be able to keep up that level of play is something that most [...]

Recovery After the NFL Combine Training

‘Recovery’ describes the actions and processes of returning to a normal and healthy condition. With NFL combine training in vogue, talented college football players are busy preparing [...]

8 Benefits of Adding Aquatic Therapy to Your Training

No pain, no gain. You’ve heard this before. Like most people, you probably accepted the statement with little thought. It makes sense. The harder you work, the better results you get. But, hard [...]

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Stages

All athletes experience this at some point. Maybe everything is going smoothly then something pops or someone crashes into you and next thing you know, you are on the sidelines for a month or [...]

Proprioception Training: Strength with Better Sense of Self

We live in a visual world. But sometimes we have to operate without seeing obstacles in our way. Have you ever made it back to bed in the dark after getting up in the middle of the night? Whether [...]

5 Ways to Combine Sleep and Athletic Performance

Diet and exercise are the usual suspects when it comes to missing your goals in the gym or sustaining more injuries than normal when training. But, the third leg of the triangle is sometimes [...]

10 Exercises to Build Power in Athletes

Athletic superiority is all about power; the sublime combination of strength and speed. For some, it is a natural ability. But, for most of us, building power in athletes requires a thoughtful [...]

Professional Football Players Off Season Training

Off season training may very well be the most import phase of an athlete’s career. Why is that? Because during this time, a player or an athlete becomes prepared. Off Season Training – The [...]

The Effects of Travel on Physical Performance

Exploring new and different places can be fun and exciting; yet, the effects of travel can often be trying. From fighting jet lag to living out of a suitcase, it’s easy for physical performance [...]

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