Tennis players shouldn’t be lifting weights, right?

You’ve hit a plateau in your game. Powers not quite where you want it and your speeds stagnant. More practice may help a little but how do you see significant developments in these areas you ask? [...]

The Marathon of Marathon Training

Time, effort, energy, nutrition, training, rest (I’m exhausted just writing it) and so much more play a factor in your day to day training leading up to a marathon. We get it, you’ve googled how [...]

6 Basketball Warm-Up Exercises for High School Players

You work hard to excel at your chosen sport, and nothing is more frustrating than when you feel your performance tapering. As athletes develop in skill, strength, and metabolic endurance, it’s [...]

Top No Weight Exercises You Can Do Almost Everywhere

Adding weights to your workout is a great way to build muscle.  There’s a reason why many athletes look built. Weights are tools to help you get a more defined body. Weights are good; however, in [...]

How Activ8 Elevates Your Drive in Competitive Sports

In sports, everything comes down to the last couple minutes of the game. It’s the ability to play through exhaustion and hold onto a lead or rally a comeback. Whatever it is you need to do to [...]

5 Common Sports Injuries that Can Be Avoided

There’s nothing worse than a sports injury. Injuries sideline you for weeks, possibly even months and prevent you from participating in something you love. What most people don’t realize, [...]

Ab Workouts That Will Increase Your Overall Strength

Working your abs is very important. Not just your abs, but also your core. Your core consists of all the muscles near the middle of your body like your lower back, your abs, and the stabilizers [...]

How to Supercharge Before Your Long Distance Running Session

Long distance running is a unique sport that requires the least variety of skills of almost any sport in the world. The entire sport is just putting one foot in front of the other. But, because [...]

5 Athletic Workout Routines that Amplify Your Endurance

Think about every professional sport. What do they all come down to? It’s the final few minutes of the game that really matters. It’s the ability to push yourself and hang in the game to block [...]

The Ultimate NFL Draft Training Plan to Increase Perseverance

Football is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Even at the lower levels, it requires an incredible amount of durability, strength, flexibility, and stamina to succeed in. Many football [...]

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