Prevent ACL Injury: Focus on these 3 Muscle Groups

ACL injuries are common, yet, the are very many ways to prevent an ACL injury from happening. One unfair aspect in sports is how susceptible females are to an ACL injury compared to males. The [...]

NCAA Lacrosse Championship: Common Goal Started in Late August 2018

2019’s NCAA Men’s Lacrosse playoffs showcase the game’s growth over the past years. We’re accustomed to seeing Maryland, Notre Dame, Duke, Cuse’, Virginia, Hopkins, and recently Loyola [...]

School Doors Lock and So Many Other Doors Open

For most athletes the summertime is full of travel sports, camps, clinics, private sessions, training, vacation, and fun. To think we cram all of this into an 8-week window is crazy but true. [...]

Spring Training, the Start for Spectators but the Second Phase for Players

Spring training marks the time of year where our beloved MLB franchises start preparing for the 2019 season. Pitches and catchers report early and the stars trickle into the line up as the spring [...]

5 Tips to Train Like a College Basketball Player

For basketball fanatics, there is a time of year that is important, March Madness. During this time fans are busy in the discussion about buzzer beaters, bubble teams, and brackets. March Madness [...]

Why Pro Days are Crucial for College Athletes

Events like pro days and the NFL combine have standardized drills in which athletes are measured against each other. For scouts and coaching staff, these postseason exercises are essential to see [...]

Plyometric Exercises Every Young Athlete Should Know

Plyometric exercises are ideal for those who engage in high impact sports, and those who wish to build power and speed. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an athlete in training, plyometric [...]

What’s the Alliance of American Football (AAF) and How Do You Train for it?

Football season doesn’t end after the Super Bowl. In fact, fans of America’s most popular sport should know an exciting new league starts just a few days after the NFL wraps up its 2018 season— [...]

4 Ways to Increase Your Speed Through Agility Training

Finding the right exercises that push the body to its limits can be difficult. Agility training consists of high-intensity fast movements designed to increase your speed and strength. This will [...]

How Athletes Training Centers Can Increase Your Child’s Performance

No matter the sport or how old a person is, a striving athlete is always looking for ways to improve their game skills. Children are no exception to this and are always looking to find ways to [...]

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