5 Athletic Workout Routines that Amplify Your Endurance


Think about every professional sport. What do they all come down to? It’s the final few minutes of the game that really matters. It’s the ability to push yourself and hang in the game to block the goal, run the last hundred yards or whatever it may be. Endurance is essential to athletes and if you want to take yours up to the next level then you need to incorporate these top athletic workout routines into your regimen. In no time at all, you be able to hit higher fitness peaks and reach your goals both on and off the field with this unbeatable athletic body workout routine.

1) Strength Training and Cardio are Friends

Most people have strength days and cardio days. That’s the typical logic. But think about it, you want to push your muscles and by combining them you are able to do just that because you are challenging your heart and cardiovascular system. There are all kinds of ways to do this. One great example is doing a set of bench presses, pull-ups the do a ten-minute run and repeat.

2) Speed up Your Lifting

It’s time to add a little speed into your athletic workout routines. That’s how you train like an athlete, not a bodybuilder. When you lift weights at a high pace, you are not only improving strength but also increasing endurance. What’s happening is your pushing your metabolism into overdrive. Just be sure to note the importance of maintaining proper form for strength training to avoid injuries. Build your pace slowly over the course of a few weeks.

athletic workout routines

3) Quit Relaxing Between Sets

Most athletic workout routines for beginners generally call for a recovery time of 30-90 seconds in between sets. But professional athletes workout routines have you minimize the amount of rest between sets. Try getting it down as low as possible. Essentially, you should only take a break if you can’t keep going. A great example of performance fitness for athletes regimen is three rounds of pull-ups, squats, and pushups with no breaks in between.

4) Forget Isolation

Compound is always the name of the game when it comes to the best athletic workout routines. You don’t want to isolate muscles because they don’t really function like that. Your muscles work as a group and you need to work them out together. Go for compound exercises and sets that push your limits harder.

athletic workout routines

5) Mix it up

Of course, we use the word routine a lot to discuss workout programs. But more than anything you don’t want to fall into a “routine.” Do the same kinds of workouts over and over again will do little to improve your overall fitness? Instead, you need to mix it up as much as possible. Add different kinds of workouts and challenges like swimming, yoga, boxing as well as new lifting techniques. This is the best way to push yourself.

Athletic Workout Routines that Really Work

No matter whether you are at your peak physical fitness or looking for new exercises to increase athleticism, there’s nothing more important than increasing your endurance. So be sure to follow these great tips and you’ll be blown at away at the results!

More endurance tips for your athletic workout routines below!

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