5 Reasons Athletic Training is Essential in Youths


In a lot of ways, this is just common sense. As exercise is important in adults, it is equally if not more so in children and youths. Whether your child is a budding basketball star or a happy bookworm, youth athletic training is essential for their health, happiness and overall well-being. Here are five reasons why it is time for kids to put down the video game controllers and head outside.

1. Lower Injury Risk

Growing up you may have been told that strength training is harmful to children’s growth. This nonsense has been thrown out the window. On the contrary, athletic training in youths has been proven to reduce the risk of injury. Not only does it help improve their coordination and motor skills, but helps develop stronger muscles that are less susceptible to a host of issues.

2. Increased Strength

You won’t have your own pint-sized Hulk on your hands, but the combination of increased balance and coordination along with developing muscles can have significant gains in strength. Essentially, exercise helps facilitate the natural development all children go through and can also prepare them for a range of competitive athletics if they are so inclined.

3) Health Benefits

Think about how you feel after a good workout—probably refreshed, happy and ready for a good night of sleep. The same thing applies to children. There is a whole range of benefits from higher self-esteem, better performance in schools, improved mood and more stamina and speed. The right athletic instruction impacts their lives in the classroom, on the playground and at home.

4) Smaller Chance of Overspecialization

This is especially important if you already have a young athlete on your hands. If your child is particularly interested in one sport, that is something to definitely encourage. But just participating in one kind of activity, stresses one particular set of muscles. This means both that are other areas are neglected and there is higher injury risks in the overworked ones.

Athletic training in youths ensures that their bodies are balanced and healthy. It’s particularly helpful if they wake up one morning and decide they don’t want to be baseball stars anymore, but instead pole vaulters!

5) Building Healthy Attitudes about Exercise

An astoundingly low number of individuals become professional athletes. So why do we let our kids train so hard in different sports? It’s not just because they have a passion, but because it teaches them valuable lessons like dedication and perseverance. It is also about encouraging them to enjoy physical activity and be attitudes that will help promote a healthy lifestyle for their entire lives.

An Active Lifestyle for Everyone

There are so many reasons why athletic training in youths is essential. As a role model, you should get out there with your child and figure out what motivates them to exercise. It is not only a great way to bond, but will help the whole family be happy and healthy.

Ready to work out smarter?

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