How to Add Muscle Density Training to Get into Incredible Shape


What is Muscle Density Training?

More than anything, achieving muscle density means having that defined and toned physique that everybody from bodybuilders to the average joe wants to have. You want your muscle to look hard. This dense appearance will occur usually when your body fat level is in the range of ten to twelve percent. Getting to this point can be challenging, but with the right combination of diet and targeted training, you can perfect the right muscle density training workout to get you looking great!

1) Target Muscle Groups

There is a disconnect in our heads between what we see and what is real. We see big arms and a big chest so think bicep and chest focused workouts are essential, but muscles are parts of major muscle groups. If you want toned arms then you need to hit the triceps, just as your chest muscles are connected to another set. Focus on exercises that not only work the muscles themselves, but the connective tissues and ligaments as well.

2) The Power Pyramid Strategy

Now that you know to focus on key groups, it’s time to apply the right strategy. The power pyramid technique is based on compound movements and includes a wide variety of well-known and not so well-known muscle density training exercises. One great example is the bench press. Begin with one or two low weight warm-up sets then do a set of nine reps at max weight. From here, do a set where you train to failure (i.e. can’t do a controlled rep). After a minute of rest, do a set of seven reps with five percent higher weight. Rinse and repeat. You are increasing weight while decreasing reps.

3) The 15 Reps

After this, you want to set a weight where you can hit fifteen reps on the same compound exercise. So if you are continuing with a bench press, now you are setting a weight to do fifteen reps. You follow this with four light sets with only short breaks in between them.

4) Now You Isolate

After really hitting the groups, now it’s time target specific muscles. For example, if you are focusing on upper body then you want to do some dumbbell flys for the chest along with bicep concentration curls, and so on. A very common mistake is missing the most neglected muscles, so make sure to take each muscle into account. You are looking for a set of 10 reps, then seven with a weight decrease, then a set of five with no break. This “double drop” set is the secret to muscle density training.

5) Replenish

After a tough muscle density training workout, your muscles need fuel and hydrate. Make sure that you supplement your workout with either a protein shake or plenty of water. Afterwards, a balanced meal of veggies, carbs, and proteins is exactly what you need to maximize your athletic recovery and be ready for the next day.

Take the Time and Do it Right

Proper muscle density training is about good form, focus, and patience. Stick to your workouts and don’t forget one last thing. Be sure to include rest days. Your body needs rest and that needs to be part of your regimen too. Good luck!


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