How to 101: Balancing School, Work and Sports


When starting the next school year, it is important for students – and their parents – to plan a schedule, and structure it correctly in terms of balancing school, work and sports. Whether the level of sports is intramural, club or varsity, these activities require serious commitment in terms of time and effort. The same applies if you intend to work while at school.

We hope you find reading this article useful. Playing sport or working while at school is a major commitment time wise. If you get the balance right, you will win through with your study program while enjoying the benefits of working or participating in sport. The main thing is to have fun while doing so. Please read on.

Balancing It All

Like many other high school students, you may decide to work part-time, or participate in sports while studying. Finding the balance between schoolwork and extra mural activities will both challenge and reward you if you follow a proper plan. It matters not whether you work because you want to or need to, and the same applies to engaging in sports. Following the advice in this article will help you succeed in all that you take on when balancing school, work and sport.

Mapping Issues

Working or participating in sport while attending school, helps build aspirations and develop career directions. Before taking a job, or signing for or committing to the school soccer team, a few simple pointers to consider:

  • How do you plan to juggle time between your work, schoolwork, and sport?
  • Talking to a counselor, teacher or parent about working can help you figure out how to balance studies and after-school activities
  • Identify what you need to get from working or playing sport Is a youth athletic development program available?

Once you have the necessary guidelines to the above, you are ready to start proper planning.

Planning Ahead

Time management is an essential life skill, and starting at school level will help develop the right formula career wise. Understanding how balancing school, work and sports requires strict discipline as well as determination and persistence. Ask yourself the following, and answer honestly:

  • What type of job will work best with my schedule, skills and personality?
  • When it comes to sports, do I have real passion, or is it a passing interest?

Success Tips

Once you have signed for the sports you plan to pursue, or have a part-time job, consider these strategies for making it work:

  1. Balancing school, work and sport is easier with the support of others; confide regularly with friends and family
  2. Avoid committing to long stressful working hours at the outset; start slowly and build
  3. Set your schedule to avoid conflict of time and interest during study time and after school activities
  4. Use your time wisely; if you suddenly face slack time in sport or at work, use it for home studies

Life’s a Journey – Enjoy the Ride

You have done the planning, and addressed any doubts you may have. Now it is time to get started. Remind yourself that you chose the path you are on, and it is up to you to make it happen. Having a passion about the dream you are chasing should make the journey a pleasure, not a pain. Balancing school, work and sport is very achievable.

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