5 Tips to Train Like a College Basketball Player

For basketball fanatics, there is a time of year that is important, March Madness. During this time fans are busy in the discussion about buzzer beaters, bubble teams, and brackets. March Madness is a time of the year when NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) basketball tournaments are held for both men and women. Basketball teams from all over the USA try their best to get selected for the tournament. This is a single elimination tournament where 68 teams from all over the country fight for the title of National Champions. This time usually lasts from mid-March to the start of April. The term madness is usually employed because the excitement of the basketball world is at its peak as the tournament approaches.

Many basketball fans often wish their fitness level was like their favorite college players. People admire their dunks, skills, accuracy, and speed. But what people don’t account for is the intense training undertaken by these players to develop strength, power, and endurance. So, to train like a collegiate basketball player is not an easy task. But, we’ve put together a few collegiate athlete training tips that will help you to train like a basketball player.

1. Getting in shape

A basketball player’s body works as a unit during the game. In order for the body to perform at its peak the joints must be mobile and the muscles simultaneously flexible and strong. Training sessions should address three components functional, strength and flexibility. Functional training is best described as training movements. Great Basketball specific functional exercises incorporate balance and core strength. The second component, strength, should be programmed as lifting your upper body and lower body the same day. Don’t focus on one body part, that’s a bodybuilding program. High level and collegiate Basketball players blend lifting their upper body and lower body each session. Just make sure you don’t overlap days

Squat Monday and Lunge Tuesday – those are both lower body pushing exercises. Vary your days between upper body pulling/pushing and lower body pulling/pushing. Flexibility is a key contributor to making sure you stay on the court. Stretch the muscles you’ve worked that training session for at least one minute for each muscle group.

2. Hydration and proper diet

Replace each pound of lost fluid. Weigh yourself before and after workouts. If you lose a lb during your workout, drink 16 oz of water after. After a workout, your body requires nutrients within the first 30 minutes. Water, protein, and carbohydrates are a post workout meal staple. The protein will help to rebuild your muscles. Carbs help you recover and refuel. Eat at least one piece of fruit at every meal. This helps fight illness and diseases and is a great source of natural vitamins and minerals. A sports dietitian can help you set a well-balanced diet.

3. Crystal clear goals

Crystal clear objectives and goals are the base of collegiate athletic training. Objectives you can hit today get you one step closer to the bigger goal tomorrow. Training without a goal is tough training to commit to. Find your motivation, maybe it’s a rec basketball league or shooting hoops with your friends/kids.

4. Composure building

Self-control is an important aspect of basketball training. It is not easy to play in front of thousands of spectators during March Madness. Even walking in a weight room can be frightening. Remember the power of your breath. When you see a player shooting free throws during march madness, you’ll see them take a big breath in and a big breath out. Deep breathing actively engages the vagus nerve and can help slow your heart rate.

5. Consistency

Get rid of the concept that training hard will build your athletic abilities faster. This mindset will only cause frustration and injury. Collegiate basketball training requires consistency and patience. Always stick to your training, keeping in mind your end goal. Consistency is the bridge to your goals.

Online Athlete Training

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are a necessity, however, it should not be self prescribed. You can achieve your fitness goals through athletic training facilities. Activ8 provides an online training platform for fitness enthusiasts that are accessible through your mobile devices, laptops or computer.

Activ8 has personalized online training curriculums that will lead to a flexible, efficient, versatile and healthy lifestyle similar to that of collegiate athletes.

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